Women and Other Humans, Waiting…

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My thoughts go the same direction as Malik’s after the inspiring one-on-one talks of us mid-career professionals with younger colleagues of the News 21 team and their teachers during the Humphrey Seminar yesterday.  

One more proof that good journalism has no age, gender or frontiers. And that it needs enough time and money to support a thorough research. One more proof that opressed women, men and children all over the world are sadly united in fear, suffering and constant violation of their human rights.

I would love if these tallented ASU students could go across the Ocean and meet our students of  TV journalism at Zagreb University who share the passion for a human story that has to be told. Here is one that won a Bronze Remi at the Worldfest-Houston last year: While Waiting for the Tram by Paula, Grgur and Sasha. Pic source:y pegaz.blog.hr

It was done during the Documentary Workshop with Lois Bianchi, retired teacher of the Queens College in New York.

To paraphrase John Lennon’s famous quote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – Maybe life is what happens while you are waiting for something better to happen.

by Daria   (photo source: pegaz.blog.hr)

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