The Global Brand: Linkedin

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Social Media is a thriving medium that is used throughout the world. There’s a variety of choices from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but which website is truly more professional?




It is the largest professional network to date. It provides leaders with an overview of their professional brand. Linkedin has the ability to sell your achievements to recruiters, and other business professionals around the world. It’s the 21st century addition of a resume and it makes networking a breeze.

With the creation of Linkedin, organizations make it easier to college graduates to find careers around the world.




It’s important and necessary for everyone to have a global brand. As a business student, you learn that marketing yourself and creating a positive image can get you far in life. It’s always important to act the way you act in person when you’re online. You can’t easily interchange the two because you won’t create the image everyone’s looking for. I’ve learned that Linkedin is required to continue growth in the professional world.

There are three important things to notice on Linkedin:

  1. Create a profile, with a professional image and fill in every aspect of yourself
  2. Have someone look over your page and find any errors
  3. Connect, Connect, Connect, it’s important to get yourself out there

It’s important to note that your profile is similar to your resume, so you shouldn’t sell yourself short.

These are some important steps that I’ve used and learned to begin my global brand. It’s never going to be perfect because let’s be honest someone will always find an issue with it. Having a Linkedin can make you more competitive in an industry that’s full of different opportunities.