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Although, I work with a state television station otherwise called a regional station. In other words, you are expected to serve the grass-root, connect with the people and possibly bring the government to them to solve knotty issues and help identify ways of also helping themselves.
All of these has not limited me to cultivating my path as a global Broadcast-journalist, with my quest of acquiring and delivering best practices in the industry. I have always wanted to be a Newscaster/ Reporter from age 8.

To achieve this dream, I have been in and out of professional training schools in and outside my country, some even before I got a degree. All of these is a step to fashioning out my brand of being global in a world where the gap is fast thinning out to becoming a global bedroom.
I do not see getting on the social media train for journalists, as a bandwagon syndrome. It’s either you get in or stay out and be left out completely on global and even local trends!
A well trained and skilled journalist, employ all of these tools: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, snap chat amongst several others, as a platform for engaging, communicating, building structures and ensuring that the world becomes a better place.
With many more people having access to ‘news’ via their telephones, a more common ground for the social media, we live in an already mobile world, the challenge now for a leader is to have a brand, in all of the “noise” around, carve a niche and make yourself a Global Brand!

Digital Epidemic - a book on how to brand you and your product
Digital Epidemic – a book on how to brand you and your product

Before now, I felt bad about my writings which are most times, short, concise, straight to the point and witty, until met I met Peter Fonts a trainer at RNTC in Netherlands, who made me realise that it is a skill so many people wish they possess. So rather than discard my talent in this area, I hone it and make it more suitable to achieving the Global me.
Today, I have friends in different countries of the world, spanning continents, from Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ghana, Uk, Seychelles, Suriname and now Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kargyzstan, Netherlands, Rwanda, Congo, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso amongst others expanding the scope of a global me as we have come to learn from one another upholding strengths and sharing weaknesses.
I have always wanted an academic and professional experience in the United states or the United Kingdom and it was such a coincidence that The Humphrey fellowship provided the two on one platform. I did not hesitate in grabbing the opportunity with both hands and thankfully, I was found worthy of it.
All of these and more makes me, no wonder the Global mind set scores me high for Diplomacy, Passion for diversity and Quest for Adventure. However, I still need to work more on my cosmopolitan outlook and interpersonal outlook according to Global mindset.
I do not take all of the opportunities I have and have been given for granted, they are all in one way or the other shaping my Brand, my Global Brand.There’s still a long way to go being the voice of the voiceless, the violated, oppressed and have-nots in the society. I have been able to achieve some via television programmes I presented, News casts and reports, I will not relent in doing much more!
I leave you with the words of Gloria Steinem, feminist, publisher, journalist and more, ‘worry less about what you should do and do what you can!’
I am on my way, waiting to happen and I say Big time with God on my side!

The Global me!
The Global me!