The Global me : “Get Global”

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VMK launch ‘first African-designed’ smartphone and tablet


It is all about getting global. What really is behind the that concept? Nowadays, even in developing countries of developing economy information is central. In the country where I come from this notion is not very clear.

To me it is more about the way I define and brand myself in a global environment . What impact my background can have globally? My education and where I was reared sharpened who I am; a global citizen, easy to adapt and learn from others. I received diverse value during my childhood, from my parents, from much more broad family as it is the case usually in Africa and from my school years both in Congo and France. Being brought in France at the age of 12, I spent my youth between mixed cultures and learned how to cope with diversity.

And yet my professional occupation and background also influenced my views and opinion. In United Nations system we are lucky to work with people of different origins and culture. Nevertheless we collaborate smoothly in order towards same goals and objectives. Effectives and timely communications are key for success.

My Humphrey year is a unique opportunity to develop unrevealed skills and competencies.

Globalization definitely requires you to be multitasks and at he same time and well informed. You are your own architect to get global in the way that you need to uncover your hidden talents and value them in an academic way as well as professional one. Meaning the classes, conferences, workshops or seminars you chooses to attend will contribute to your global mindset. It also means working to improve your weaknesses, where you found some.

In the context of my country it is all about being creative and use local resource  to thrive.