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It is hard to think about yourself outside of the global world. In 21st century it is really important to find your place among the global idea. Nowadays, everything is connected, borders are open and distances are getting smaller. The question is how we create a bigger image of who we are and how we grow in our career. It’s both, hard and easy.




I remember the first  time I fell in love with the TV industry, most specifically with the news. I was sitting in my couch at home waiting for the first private channel in Bulgaria to start its first news edition. It was 16 years ago. Until that point we had only two programs to watch and two of them were owned by the government. The new channel was expected with a lot of enthusiasm. I saw the anchors and the way they present the events that happened that day, with completely different approach, in a studio that I have never seen before. From this moment I started to picture myself as a reporter. I was still in the high school and the day I could possibly achieve that goal looked very far away. It took me 10 years and this dream became real. I was hired as a reporter and I was already a friend with all these stars who looked so unreachable 10 years ago. I am telling you this story only for  one reason: everything is possible if you follow your dreams. I love and at the same time hate this cliche but somehow it brought me to Phoenix, Arizona as part of The Hubert Humphrey fellowship.




I worked as a reporter in Bulgaria for more than 10 years and now it’s time for a new step, to picture myself as an international correspondent, a reporter who covers stories, connected to human rights.



This is a vision and in order to achieve it, I need to work even harder, to learn and study everyday. When you grow up, you realize that all of these goals are pointless if you pursue them only for yourself. This is why I love working on stories who somehow help minorities groups or the voiceless. We are too busy covering politics and sometimes we forget about people outside of the luxurious buildings. In the link you can see some of my documentaries on the refugee crisis. Тhe second report shows how   You have to have dreams that are bigger than your personal needs and desires. The world is messy enough and it needs ideas and small steps everyday.

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  1. As an undergraduate student, your journey Evo – from an aspiring journalist to a successful reporter at the national and international level – inspires me. Moreover, your commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless, such as minority populations, gets at the heart of why so many of us even became interested in journalism in the first place. I admire and respect your commitment to continually improving your craft.

    While you may not be an international correspondent today, your selection to the Humphrey Fellows program reflects that skilled journalists and seasoned diplomats have full confidence that you will become a journalist who inspires positive change at home and abroad.

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