Personal Ethics: Right from Wrong?

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Ethics. The topic everyone hears about and hates going over. All organizations have their own form ethics, which help them from committing fraud or sometimes destroying the world. However, as individuals we also create our own code of ethics or a set of morals that we follow day to day.


According to the definition from, we should all have a moral compass that leads us to the “correct” answer. I think most importantly our moral compass provides a sense of direction for when we are lost.

According to The Huffington Post:

“It gives people a sense of integrity, which is a tool for having a sense of self worth and self confidence. A sense of self confidence that is not dependent on the outside world but an internal feeling.” (How to Fine-Tune your moral compass) 


Our moral compass is unique and it continues to evolve as we get older. Sometimes we might forget the reason “why” we do certain things and we tend to look at our moral compass for support. The moral compass can relate to your gut feeling behind a certain topic because it helps us make decisions.

I wanted to end with five important things about your moral compass that can help make your life better.

  1. Explore your values, virtues and morals
  2. Focus on your explanation
  3. Stand behind your commitment
  4. Don’t compare your behavior with someone else
  5. Stay humble

These might be principles that you already follow, but it’s important to remember the real reason.Furthermore, you can’t break from the path because than you’ll diverge from your success.

“The biggest challenge, I think is always maintaining your moral compass.”

– Barak Obama