Leadership plan

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I always dreamt about setting my own organization and serve the good cause for the benefits of the humanity. Journalism has always been an asset and a best tool to express my beliefs indirectly by giving a voice to the voiceless. The journey started almost three decades ago when I was born. When I grew up I knew I was spiritually blessed by all the successes and challenges I passed through.

Here I am today with the same vision but with a different plan. I used to elaborate my plans specifically in my work environment but this is a personal lifelong leadership plan. Although it may change due to certain future circumstances, but all the broad organization’s decisions I will be making starts with my personal development today. In his book “Leadership from The Inside Out” Kevin Cashman (2008), argues that being a leader is not about what you do but who you are. Thus, a view of leadership that originates in the character of the person and diffuses outward to enrich others.

So as a result, here are my magic points from the inside that will drive my decisions and how I plan to relate with others within my future organization and the rest of the world as a global citizen.

First of all, my mission is to serve a right and a good cause as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.

The core values that motive my leadership actions from the inside out, are many but just to mention a few; Achievement, Advancement, Collaboration, community, competency, courage, creativity, inner harmony, influence, integrity, responsibility, self-respect, loyalty, spirituality and keeping a learning head.

Before I was selected for the Humphrey Fellowship program, I had a job. A broadcast journalist who spent more than eight years telling stories on what affects people’s lives every day. As a result, l felt that the role of journalists was to provide a service, like fire-fighters or policemen. Journalists had the duty to serve people with reliable news. Although media industry is flourishing in Rwanda, the country lacks skilled journalists who can really be “Journalists”. That’s where my idea came from.

I believe that each and every one has been made a leader by nature, but how we handle our duties and make an impact makes a difference. I said I want to start my own NGO that will act as a free press incubation center. But I can’t do it alone. I will be required to recruit a team that will help me succeed all together. Since I believe my future organization and its employees will be a reflection of myself, I am required to be an exemplary global minded leader who is responsible, honest, creative with effective communicator and positive attitude. Our students will be the reason why we exist. I will make sure that I inspire them to the best of my abilities. As a global citizen, I plan to act globally and relate to the world and reach out to our important affiliates.

During the four months of our Humphrey Seminar with Dr. Bill Silcock, I learned that to be an effective leader you must trust your team with your idea which is a sign of strength, not weakness. I will make sure that I maintain positive attitude towards a diverse environment and cultivate it since I will be the head of the team. Thus, the ability to form relationships and collaborate with people from different organizations, disciplines and backgrounds. I believe in the strength of a diverse society. To reach my success, I plan to implement the leadership for my community, not myself. Training young talents who love journalism to become a real personal-leadership-development-planvoice to the voiceless.